The age-old philosophy of decimating the competition, in any form and arena it presents itself, has seen man as a species progress thus far, with obvious hiccups along the way. The ideology of choosing not to offer help, assistance, and support to someone in need who has the potential to evolve into a threat to our status or livelihood has been the primary method adopted by leaders until very recently.

Our most modern technological advances have completely overthrown the longstanding hierarchy of male and female leaders in our society. Once upon a time to be considered the alpha-male of a group was to be the most physically imposing with the capability to physically obliterate any opposing competition. Those primal instincts still remain with us, though the landscape around us all has shifted entirely.

The new-age leaders of today are not rough, intimidating brutes who might beat you into submission at their feet, but are instead young 20-somethings, changing the world with their innovative ideas and visions for the future. They may not exactly be the type of male who would have faced down a pack of lions during an on-foot hunt, however, they would have been the ones who perhaps designed the weapons or developed a new more efficient method for hunting. This new-breed of alphas rising to positions of immense power and accumulating vast amounts of resources are doing so by ignoring the old values of competitiveness and instead choosing collaboration, leaving many a primal alpha in their dust.

Those who opt to cut down any who stand in their way mainly do so out of their own insecurities and fears of self-worth. They perceive what they have acquired to be so in danger that they are never more than one small slip-up away from losing it all leading them to maintain a focus on eliminating any perceived threats as opposed to focusing on improving themselves and others around them for the better through working together. What can be so often observed in such leaders is a profound lack of self-esteem and an anxiousness towards living life, because if anything can be a threat to what you have then you never actually had a firm grip on it in the first place.

This applies to anyone with a singular focus in life such as for example, competitive athletes. Focusing only on the attainment of only competitive success leaves a significant gap in failing to develop any other worthwhile attributes necessary to grow as a human being or into a well-rounded modern leader. Often, such people so desperately rely on the external acceptance of others as a measure of their own self-worth and do not realise the closer they inch toward the flame of public adoration and short-lived glories, the closer they become to being consumed whole by it, lost in a downward spiral of chasing recognition for ventures which have no real impact or serve anyone other than themselves (if only such people could apply their impressive drive towards other ventures that would more better themselves and others around them). On the other hand, the new-breed of leaders choose to develop a much wider range of skills invariably tied to their overall character development which has the positive by-product of helping others.

Modern alphas opt to gain proficiency in a variety of skill sets including physical prowess to perform tasks efficiently, psychological study of the mind for understanding those around us, logical thinking for problem-solving, the sciences for technical expertise in their chosen field, and business knowledge to then transform the hypothetical into tangible assets for society’s benefit. They also care not for the opinion of the feeble-minded. Those who are terrified to lose approval of the pack will never occupy themselves with anything more than self-serving pursuits. The true thinkers are comfortable enough to stand alone, intellectually, emotionally, and morally self-sufficient. Also, more often than not, you will find it is ‘modified alphas’ who in fact pay the wages of the stereotypical alpha-male, essentially providing ways to make a living.   

The only truly meaningful and worthwhile rewards are those brought about by the quality of your work which is directly impacted by character development and the thoughts we allow ourselves to amuse. It is evident of any significant modern alpha that they have a broader picture of growing as a human through business endeavours, interpersonal relationships, and various other areas of productive achievement, with the goal of continuous overall improvement through collaboration with similar thinkers to reach new pinnacles. Offering genuine support to others, who share our values, and building on each other’s accomplishments is the new way of becoming recognised as a leader in today’s world.

Who wants to reap the rewards if they were earned through putting down others or outwitting the inferior? What is the point of ruining the chances of success of an up-and-comer instead of seeing how great they can become? Those are very hollow victories and ones which are riddled with cowardice. A true leader, of good moral character, refuses to see harm come to those who not deserve it. It is much easier to try and sabotage any rival competition than it is to offer a hand of partnership. Such thinking breeds a weak strain of man and one which is becoming ever more rare among the top echelons of current industry leaders. There is much more than the muscles under your shirt and the money in your bank to being regarded as a modern alpha. What will you choose to be?

To get your alpha-juices flowing, here are a few recommended reads:

Shane Snow’s ‘Smartcuts’

Ramit Sethi’s ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’

Tim Ferriss’ ‘4 Hour Work Week’

Robert Greene’s ‘Mastery’ and ’48 Laws of Power’




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